NWC South Gun Club Road and Yale Avenue


ADDRESS NWC South Gun Club Road and Yale Avenue / Aurora, Colorado 80018
LAND AREA         +/- 55 Acres
ZONING Buckley Research and Development
SALE PRICE $3,600,000 ($1.50/SF)


  • A Master Utility Plan for this site will be required as part of the required Framework Development Plan (FDP). The Master Utility Plan must include provisions for a looped water supply to support fire hydrants, and private fire line, as well as sanitary sewer service and stormwater management for this site. HRE Group LLC is pleased to offer 2.978-acre TOD Multi-Family and Townhome site that is zoned MU-C TOD. A Concept Plan was approved for 280 multi-family units or 60 Townhomes. Additionally, the zone district permits a wide range of land uses. The property is best suited for apartments being situated adjacent to the last stop of the newly completed Gold Line. The G-Line brings RTD train service through northwest Denver, Adams County, Arvada and ends at this stop in Wheat Ridge. This is not a Light Rail line but rather a high-speed commuter rail that travels up to 79 mph and each train carries 170 people. The service runs every 15 minutes during peak hours to downtown Denver at Union Station. The 11.2-mile line is scheduled to open late this winter. In addition to rail, the property is well located with easy access to I-70 east and westbound.
  • An additional 22′ of right of way shall be dedicated for Gun Club Road. The developer of this site will be responsible for the construction of the west half of Gun Club Road, a six-lane arterial road, based on the current roadway standards.

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